The colleague and friend David Jiménez Ramos, made available to all the book Blue, where he shares tools for participatory work.

Mapping Life

Practices, knowledge, knowledge and sciences for all.


It is a self-managed edition, has been made with its own resources and based on multiple exercises of building collective knowledge, with and from different territories. It aspires to be a contribution to the care and defense of territories. It is the result of collective work with Communities, Organizations, Collectives, Nations, Peoples and Cultures of Mexico.

It does NOT pursue profit purposes, but cultural, creative and educational, so it is recommended its wide reproduction and free dissemination, as long as its content is not altered or privately commercialized or appropriated. The material presented here may be freely disseminated, although it would be highly appreciated if the source were cited.

This publication is a tool to fight against capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy in all its expressions, so we invite all readers to reproduce and distribute by any means possible, of which the most powerful is suggested: by word of mouth, in community and in the always do – learn workshops.

You are free to copy, distribute and publicly communicate the work, as well as make derivative works, under the following conditions: you must acknowledge the authorship of the work in the terms specified by the author himself. If you alter, transform or create a work from it, you can only distribute the resulting work under a license equal to this one.

Commercial reproduction of this work is only permitted to cooperatives, non-profit organizations and collectives, to self-managed workers’ organizations, and where there are no exploitative relationships. Any surplus or surplus value obtained by the exercise of the rights granted by this work must be distributed by and among the workers. Page 6

This is a travel book, to carry in your backpack and walk…

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