CEUXHIDZA beyond just an institution is an experience in which the students are part of a new model of learning that permits them to reassess principles, techniques, knowledge and community values.

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The Center for University Studies, CEUXHIDZA is a learning community inspired by intercultural dialogue and knowledge. We consider that wisdom is not used just to interpret the world, but to change it. We wish to share an educative process of constant investigation and learning where the pedagogy is inspired by our own life experience, cosmovision, interrelationships with other beings, and from the Xhidza(Zapoteco) people. Our motto; “perceive and create the echos of the world” is derived from the fact that to reinforce our mode of living, we need to perceive the echos of the world living in community(Yedzi). Through affection we can create to become that we believe possible.


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