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During this program, Alternative Economies, Indigeneity and Migration, students take classes, and meet with different artists, activists and organizations in Oaxaca.


Alternative Economies, Indigeneity, and Migration

During this program students learn about alternative economies migration and indigeneity in the state of Oaxaca. During their time with SURCO A.C., they receive classes, as well as meet with different artists and activists in the city. Some of these classes and workshops have included a dialogue with Tajëëw Díaz Robles and Kiado Cruz about indigenous identity and rights and meeting with the feminist rapper Mare Advertencia Lírika about Hip Hop music and indiginous rights, gender, and social inequality. While in Oaxaca the students visit collectives and civil organizations such as EDUCA AC, CAMINOS AC, CAMPO AC, Consorcio Oaxaca AC.

Students also visit surrounding communities, like Teotitlan de Valle and Monte Albán. In the Sierra Juárez they learn about the experience of indigenous communities organizing against extractivism in Capulámpan de Méndex and Guelatao de Juárez. They also learn about community radio stations, and work with Central American migrants.

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