Summer Program in Oaxaca

Looking to study abroad this summer? Join us in Oaxaca for the 20th edition of the Social and Environmental Justice program. The program is sponsored by the Univeristy of Kentucky and the University of Arizona and open to students from any university.

Looking to study abroad this summer? Check out the Social and Environmental Justice in Oaxacan! Students from all US universities are encouraged to apply. If you study outside the US and are interested in the program, please send an email to the program director, Oliver Froehling at

The capital city of Oaxaca acts as the home for this dynamic program, as we journey to a number of communities throughout the state exploring topics that include: land tenure, social justice struggles, “green” energy, mining, neoliberalism, identity politics, migration, eco-technologies, gender equality and identity, coffee production, social and artisan cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, etc. During the first five weeks of the program, classes are dedicated to these topics and to developing a small independent research project that you will carry out during the last few weeks of the program. Lecture based classes are limited, and many class hours are spent in the field, visiting with community leaders, activists, non-profit organizations, community radios, etc.

Assignments are interactive and flexible in nature, giving you the time and space to explore your personal and academic interests while in Oaxaca as you earn between 10 and 12 academic credits. The last three weeks of the program consist of an indepent research project on the subject of your choice. To see where the program took students this summer, check out this video from the 2017 program, and for more information about costs, dates, and class credits check out the UK and UA program application links below.

Planning early will allow you to take advantage of scholarship opportunities and purchase a plane ticket. Past students have found plane tickets for as low as $350 dollars round trip when booked in advance. For a full list of scholarships and financial aid opportunities, speak with your academic advisor or education abroad office.

Apply through the University of Arizona until Feb. 25th:(Arizona Application Link)

Apply through the University of Kentucky until May 1st: (Kentucky Application Link)

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