University Services

SURCO hosts a number of educational programs, international activist delegations, and provides opportunities for internships, volunteers, and community research support for undergraduate studemts, graduate students, professors, and community members.

We collaborate with a number of universities. Check out some of our programs using the following links:

1.-Border Studies Program


3.Colorado College

4.Colorado State University

5. University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

6. University of Arizona

7. University of Arizona

8. University of Vermont

9. University of Ottawa

One thought on “University Services

  • It has been a long time since Bailey first travelled to Mexico with the University of Kentucky and, over those decades, the University’s connections with Mexico have evolved into a tight-knit partnership with an organization based in Oaxaca called SURCO. This organization’s Spanish acronym translates to “University Services and Knowledge Networks in Oaxaca.” It is a nonprofit organization focused on social and environmental justice that advocates for and assists the development and availability of higher education in Oaxaca. One of the ways it facilitates its goals is through a partnership with the UK Department of Geography set up in 1999 by Oliver Froehling, a former UK graduate student and director of SURCO. The program “Social and Environmental Justice in Oaxaca” sends geography students to Oaxaca in the summer to participate in the operations of the organization and take classes for five weeks, followed by three weeks of research for an independent study project.
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