University of Arizona

Land, Culture and Politics in Oaxaca is an 8 week summer program focuses on issues social and environmental justice in Oaxaca and has a research component.

More information can be found at the University of Arizona website.

Land, Culture and Politics in Oaxaca

This program, similar to the one through University of Kentucky, consists of 8 weeks of students engaging with themes of social and environmental justice through addressing issues of global economy and its local effects, “clean energy”, land tenure, etc. in the context of Oaxaca.

In the first 5 weeks they take classes, go on excursions, meet with civil organizations, collectives, and local artists and activists. In this phase they focus on political economy, geographic issues, an introduction to the qualitative research methodology, among others. Optional Spanish classes are also offered.

In the last three weeks, the university students design and carry out an investigation with themes that they choose. They are given the option to travel through the state, or conduct their investigation from the capital.

In general the students from the University of Kentucky and University of Arizona take the same classes, and share the same experiences.

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