University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Students in the Umass Dartmouth Summer Program work with local partners to compare forms of racialization as well as restorative and transformative justice in Mexico and the United States.

More information can be found on the universities website.

By looking at topics such as the War on Drugs, domestic violence, race and racism, and alternative forms of justice, students explore how justice in Mexico compares to that in their own communities. In this interactive class, students will examine the nature of contemporary justice systems as well as restorative, transformative, and indigenous justice approaches in Mexico. The comparative case of Mexico enables students to see very different understandings of crime and justice, even as they will trace how the U.S. – and New England – are intimately connected to Latin America and the Caribbean. The 2019 trip will also include an extended discussion about ethnicity and racism in Mexico, including with local Afro-Mexican organizations.

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